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Cloning Autoflowers

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not you can clone an autoflower, and while it is certainly possible to take a cutting from an auto and get it to root, the question becomes more about whether it’s worth it.

Setting Up Your First Indoor Grow – Low Budget

Indoor growing is an excellent option for those looking to continue their harvests through the winter months, and is especially useful for growing autoflowers as the amount of space required to grow a few plants is quite small. Indoor growing, however, does not come cheap, so we’ll be breaking this topic up into a few…
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Growing Your First Autoflower – A Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about growing autoflowers, from the seedling stage right through to drying and curing.

Grow Tips For Load Shedding

For outdoor growers, Eskom’s recent return to load shedding won’t come into play too much with their grow. For indoor growers however, this return to frequent blackouts is met with anxiety over the potential negative impact on their grows.

Defoliating Autoflowers

For years the words defoliate and autoflower have been avoided in the same sentence by most growers, with the idea that autos should be left alone, aside from low-stress training. The reality is that defoliating autoflowering cannabis has its place in your grow, but requires the right methods be used to avoid a lower yield.

Growing Autoflowers Outdoors

Growing autoflower strains outdoors can be a great way of increasing your yields, by being able to grow all year round in some areas.

What is Nitrogen Toxicity and How To Resolve It?

Nitrogen toxicity occurs when plants receive too much nitrogen in their feeding schedule. Common signs of nitrogen toxicity include dark green leaves, a shine to the leaves and

Autoflower Light Cycles

While photoperiod plants have very set light schedules for the most part, autoflowers offer a bit more freedom with these light cycles, and allow you to find a balance that works for both you and the plant.

Identifying Male Cannabis Plants, And The Importance of Removal

Unless you’re a breeder, you’re not going to be wanting to see any male cannabis plants in your garden. It is important for all growers in your area that you are vigilant to the gender of your plants.

An Introduction to Autoflower Nutrients

Nutrients are the life source for cannabis plants, whether organic or synthetic. But how exactly does your autoflowering nutrient schedule differ from your regular cannabis plants?